Thursday, February 28, 2013

Which Rev is best for me?

Ok, I am the worst when it comes to updating my blog....and it shows pretty blatantly.  Anyways, I am still alive and have a new blog to share.  The question has come up several times regarding the difference with all the Revolution brand kite models.  They all may look very similar but each model has amazing differences.  Often I am asked which one is my favorite, and that is always a tough question to answer because they all have different flying characteristics that make each model excel in what it does.  My all time favorite would probably be the Supersonic - just cuz that thing is a riot to fly but it does require just the right amount of wind.  My most flown would be the standard B-Series, especially when there are others who want to fly in a mock-team type formation.   If you are trying to narrow down the huge amount of choices out there, then hopefully this breakdown of each model will help you do so.

First, we'll start off with the 1.5 series sails.  There are three of them.  The EXP, 1.5 SLE and the B-Series.  All three of these kites are nearly identical in size and all use the same frames which are all interchangeable throughout all three models.  Actually, the EXP frame is exactly the same as the 3 Wrap B-Series Frame.  This makes customizing your 1.5 series kite super fun and you can easily dial it in to your existing wind conditions and flying style.  Swapping frames takes just a matter of seconds to do and you never have to do any type of modification to the kites.  Because of this unique feature, the 1.5 series is the most popular quad line kite(s) in the world.

EXP - most inexpensive Rev.  Made with simple 3 panel layout (on each side), material is ripstop nylon, comes with one frame (3 wrap standard sized frameset).  This is the most economical Rev and a good one to start off with if money is an issue. The EXP is only available in the Standard form.  MSRP $205.00 complete, ready to fly including lines.

1.5 SLE - This is the most popular selling model.  It has a 5 panel layout (on each side), material is ripstop nylon (same as the EXP), comes packaged with one complete SLE frameset and one extra leading edge.  The SLE (stands for Super Leading Edge) is a large 7/16" rod that is nearly indestructible.  It holds the sail tighter with less flex, causing the kite to react faster and be a little more twitchier.  Some find this rod very fun to fly with but precision does suffer a little.  The 1.5 also includes the standard 3 wrap leading edge (same leading edge rods that is shipped with the EXP).  This is the preferred rod for precision and team flying as it allows the kite to bow more and absorb gusts better.  It also slows the kite down a little and makes the kite less twitchy. This model is available in SUL, Standard and Vented.  MSRP $308.00 complete ready to fly including lines.

B-Series (also referred to as the Baressi Signature Series)  This kite is the same size as the EXP and 1.5 SLE, but has a slightly different cut in the sail and also has two vertical "channels" on each wing.  The kite is made from Ripstop Polyester (not nylon) which is a lighter material.  The kite is also supplied with two complete standard framesets, the actual types are dependent on the model of kite (standard or vented).  The b-series does not come with the SLE leading edge.  This model is considered the top of the line model and usually gives the ultimate in performance and precision.  It is the most recommended model among Rev flyers.  It also is packaged with adjustable leaders on the handles that allow for fine tuning of the kite and the advanced flying DVD made by John Baressi himself. This model is available in Standard, Mid-Vent, and Full Vent.  MSRP $335.00 for the complete package.  Lines are not included in this price.

The B-Series is also available in a PRO model made exclusively by Bazzar himself.  This is an upgraded B-Series model that can be ordered in custom color combinations.  Bazzar does some added assembly details that are not financially possible with the production models but are quite nice.  The PRO is made from Icarex Ripstop Polyester and is packaged with one frame of your choice.  The PRO model is available in Standard, Mid-Vent, Full Vent and Xtra Vent.  MSRP is $360.00 for kite, bag and one frame ($440.00 for the Xtra Vent model).  Custom colors will carry an additional fee.  NO other accessories are included in the base price but could obviously be added as needed for an additional fee.

The other models are as follows:

Rev 1 - This is the kite that started it all.  The Rev 1 is the original Rev.  It is larger in size than the 1.5 series kites and is the largest Rev other than the power series.  It has a nearly 9' leading edge.  The Rev 1 is excellent in precision and because of it's larger wing surface it does very will in the lighter wind ranges.  The Rev 1 is slower in speed and rotations than the smaller 1.5 series.  It is made from Ripstop Polyester and is packaged with one frame, usually with the SLE leading edge.  MSRP $308.00 complete, ready to fly including lines.

Rev B2 -formerly known as the Rev II which is no longer made.  The B2 is the same design and panel layout as the B-Series model but in a smaller package.  The B2 is a very small and very agile kite that is super fun when the winds pick up a bit.  It has less pull than the larger models and flies very quickly through the air.  The B2 also has much more precision than the original Rev II because of the newer sail design.  It is the same size as the Rev II and uses the same frames.  The B2 comes just like the B-Series with two frames and adjustable handles.  Available in Standard and Vented. (Mid Vent can be custom ordered for a small fee).  MSRP $339.00 including lines.

Indoor - Designed specifically for indoor use.  Super ultra light, made from Ripstop Polyester.  Slightly larger than the 1.5 series, but not as big as the Rev 1.  It also has a very aggressive "V" type cut in the wing.  MSRP $290.00 including lines.

Zen - This kite is made special by Bazzar himself.  This was a design between Bazzar and Revolution for the ultimate in super ultra light winds.  The Zen is the same size as the Rev 1, but has a different cut and panel layout.  Made exclusively from Icarex Ripstop Polyester, it is assembled with the same technique and care as the B-Pro kites.  It also can be ordered in custom colors for an additional fee.  Available in only the standard version and is sold as kite, bag and the special Zen frame.  MSRP $440.00

Speed Series kites.  These are rocket ships and are super fun to fly but usually require some experience.  I normally don't recommend the speed series kites for beginners.

Supersonic - This Rev is a rocket!  The fastest Rev available.  It has been clocked over 70 mph and will fly in reverse as fast as the EXP will fly forward.  Packaged with extra leading edge rods (cuz eventually you will need them).  The speed series kites use the SLE rods for the added strength and speed.  Available in Standard and Vented.  MSRP $308.00 including lines.

Shockwave - This model is nearly identical to the Supersonic in size but is just slightly larger.  It is not quite as fast as the Sonic but has quite a bit more pull.  So if you are looking for speed and power, the Shockwave would be a great choice.  This model is still available but speculation is that it will be discontinued once stock is depleted.  It is packaged the same as the Sonic with extra rods.  MSRP $308.00 including lines.

Power Series!  These kites are designed with emphasis on power.

Blast - This kite is like having all the other kites wrapped up in one.  It is huge like the Rev 1, it is fast like the speed series, it has the power like the larger power series and still maintains some precision like the 1.5 series.  This is a good all-rounder kite if you want a little of everything.  Because of it's larger size, precision is not nearly as good but it is still a "blast" to fly. (pun intended).  Made from ripstop polyester and comes with two leading edges, SLE and standard. Available in Standard and Vented. MSRP $411.00 complete, including lines.

Power Blast 2-4 and 4-8 - These kites are designed for pure power.  Their numbers indicate the size and power equivalent. The 2-4 is a 2m sail with the power output of a typical 4m foil.  The 4-8 is a 4m sail with the power output of a typical 8m foil.  The 2-4 is a riot to fly and will drag you all over the place. The 4-8 I would only recommend to the most serious of pilots who are looking for the ultimate in power.  It is a beast to fly.  Both of these models along with the Blast work excellent for kite buggying or kite ground boarding.  They are packaged with extra replacement spars and are only available in their standard form.  MSRP $499.00 for the 2-4, $699.00 for the 4-8.

All prices and information are as of today's date 2/28/2013.  Obviously prices and information may change over time.  Please take that into consideration.

Hope that helps understand the differences in the different models.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.